Loss of Discernment Regarding What It Means to Be a Protestant


A great article from our beloved brother at Possessing the Treasurehttp://mikeratliff.wordpress.com/

By Paul M. Elliott

There has been a loss of discernment concerning the nature of Roman Catholicism, what it means to be a Protestant, and the need to be vigorously Protestant. Today too few Christians really understand why the Reformation took place and what is at stake if it is reversed – and the Reformation isbeing reversed in our time. This loss of discernment is the direct result of the loss of discernment regarding church history.

Because of this, most Christians do not understand that the spread of false teachings such as Federal Vision theology, the Purpose-Driven Church philosophy, and the Emergent Church philosophy means the reversal of the Reformation and the return to a spiritual Dark Age. Allowed to spread, and carried to their logical ends, these anti-Scriptural…

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