Soul and Essence of Antichrist

Feileadh Mor

“Rome herself admits, openly admits, that if she is not the very kingdom of Christ, she is that of Antichrist. Rome declares she is one or the other. She herself propounds and urges this solemn alternative. You shrink from it, do you? I accept it. Conscience constrains me. History compels me. The past, the awful past rises before me. I see the great apostasy, I see the desolation of Christendom, I see the smoking ruins, beast

I see the reign of monsters;I see those vice-gods,

that Gregory VIII,

that Innocent III,

that Boniface VIII,

that Alexander VI,

that Gregory XIII,

that Pius IX;

I see their long succession, I see their abominable lives; I see them worshipped by blinded generations, bestowing hollow benedictions, bartering lying indulgences, creating a paganised Christianity; I see their liveried slaves, their shaven priests, their celibate confessors; I see the infamous confessional, the ruined women, the murdered…

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