Johannes Wollebius: the contrast between Reformed and popish-futurist views of antichrist

Reformed Covenanter

In this post, the comments of Johannes Wollebius closely correspond to those of John Calvin concerning the popish-futurist notion of antichrist:

The great Antichrist, is he, who under the name of Christ’s Vicar, persecutes him,

The Rules.

I. The name Antichrist belongs not to one person alone, but to a whole state or order of men, as it were in the same Kingdom succeeding each other.

Even as the word of High Priest.  He is not then opposite to Christ, as one person is to another, in respect of substance, but he is opposite to him in respect of quality or office.

II. The Papists will have Antichrist to be one particular man; a Jew of the Tribe of Dan, the Jews Messiah, and the restorer of their Religion, who shall reign at Jerusalem three years and a half, shall fight with Henoch [Enoch] and Eliah [Elijah], shall offer to…

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