Lady Jane Grey (from Leben)

1537_JaneNine Days a Queen, A Martyr Forever

Although her reign was brief and the end of her life tragic, Lady Jane Grey remains one of the most beloved and honored figures of the Reformation. When executed at the Tower of London, young Jane was only seventeen. Yet, her passionate faith and remarkable courage remain an inspiring testimony to all the sons and daughters of the Reformation.

Born in 1537, during the reign of Henry VIII, Lady Jane’s early life was one of quiet study. Henry VIII’s marriage to Jane Seymour had produced the son he had hoped for, and so the Tudor dynasty would continue through the person of young Edward, Jane Grey’s childhood friend. When Henry died, Edward was crowned Edward VI at the tender age of nine.

Edward, a hale and athletic boy, loved hunting and jousting as a youth, but his life changed suddenly when he was taken ill with a debilitating sickness that would soon claim his life. His two half sisters, Mary and Elizabeth, stood next in line to succeed him on the throne. The situation was complicated not only because both Mary’s mother had been divorced by, and Elizabeth’s mother had been executed by, Henry, but Mary was a Roman Catholic.

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