Legal Road To American Inquisition Being Paved?

The United States Senate is currently considering a terrorism-related bill that would define the entire world as a battleground and allow for American citizens at home or abroad to be detained indefinitely without trial or charge. If this bill is passed, the possibility of relatives disappearing in the middle of the night, never to be seen or heard from again, becomes frighteningly all too real. Such actions by governments against their citizens have happened much too frequently throughout history. In the last century alone, one need only think of Communist Russia or Nazi Germany, for starters.

Here is the Infowars take on the bill:

The difference is that the danger of American citizens being detained without trial as terrorists on frivolous pretexts is an even greater danger now given that the Department of Homeland Security has characterized behavior such as buying gold, owning guns, using a watch or binoculars, donating to charity, using the telephone or email to find information, using cash, and all manner of mundane behaviors as potential indicators of domestic terrorism.

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Well, I use a watch and donate to charity so I would not be safe under this bill. Nor would anyone I know.

Here is further commentary on the bill from Alex Jones (Note: I do not consider Infowars/Alex Jones to be an entirely accurate source of information; however, there is still valuable information that can be gleaned from these videos):

This last video contains Alex Jones’ rant against what he deems the “military takeover of America:”

So what does this have to do with the Inquisition? The idea of grabbing people off the streets or out of their beds didn’t start with Communist Russia or Nazi Germany. It is a tactic that has been used many times before, particularly in Europe during the Spanish Inquisition. Under the Inquisition, people were arrested, held, and even tried and executed without being told of the charges against them. For more information about the Inquisition and the bill currently before the United States Senate, listen to these radio broadcasts from Noise of Thunder Radio:

Pray for the people of America and the world as totalitarianism continues its global rise to power.

2 thoughts on “Legal Road To American Inquisition Being Paved?”

  1. GOD TOLD ME QUITE SOME TIME AGO THAT AMERICA WOULD DESTROY ITSELF FROM WITHIN. I Have posted this message several times on this site and others for the sake of the people. How sad this will be because it can already be seen taking place.

  2. Just look at the News on the TV and on the PC as to what has already taken place and continues to take place in many countries over the last couple of years as the leaders have been ousted by the common people, just as it HAS started again in Egypt, and Syria.

    Look at what has taken place with libya and those befor it, now observe Aran, God for told me that if the people ignored him this time around, they will suffer the consequences, and there is more to come SOON.

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